Our staff

If you're not sure who to contact, email us on enquiries@sapere.org.uk and we'll forward your message to the right person. Alternatively, give us a call on 01865 408333.

Our P4C training team
Our P4C team
Our operations team
Our finance team
Our communications team

Our P4C training team

Alison Allsopp, our National Training Manager, is responsible for:

  • quality assurance of SAPERE P4C courses and training
  • trainer support and development
  • liaison with and support and advice for SAPERE Going for Gold Schools
  • monitoring of the SAPERE School Award application process, including Gold Award visits

Jen Simpson, our Assistant National Training Manager, is responsible for:

  • supporting the management of our training provision
  • supporting the recruitment and development of our trainers, including quality assurance
  • leading on the SAPERE Awards scheme

NB Jen is currently on temporary furlough. Enquiries about training should be directed to Alison Allsopp in her absence. Enquiries about SAPERE Awards should be directed to enquiries@sapere.org.uk.

Susan Holding, our Going for Gold Project Manager, is responsible for our Going for Gold programme, including:

  • developing interest in the programme
  • building regional networks
  • carrying out project administration
  • providing support for trainers and schools
  • reporting on the programme
  • all sales enquiries

Our P4C team

Steve Bramall, our P4C Manager, is responsible for:

  • ensuring that SAPERE is consistently supporting the delivery of high-quality and sustainable P4C
  • raising the academic profile of SAPERE, through the co-ordination of the undertaking, interpretation and use of research

Lizzy Lewis, our P4C Partnerships Manager, is responsible for:

  • working with other organisations to develop and support SAPERE's many partnerships
  • representing SAPERE at meetings and events
  • co-managing, with the training team, SAPERE’s Initial Teacher Education (ITE) programme

NB Lizzy is currently on temporary furlough. Enquiries about partnerships and our ITE programme should be directed to Alison Allsopp in her absence.

Our operations team

Mary Boullin, our Operations and Events Manager, is responsible for:

  • office management, including recruitment, health and safety and HR support for our CEO
  • managing and coordinating events
  • leading the administration team

Kathryn Puncher and Marina Modric deal with day-to-day operations.  

NB Marina and Kathryn are currently on temporary furlough. Mary is dealing with operational and administration matters in their absence.

Our finance team

Naghza Khokhar, our Accountant, is responsible for:

  • financial reporting, including monthly management accounts
  • assisting the Chief Executive to deliver SAPERE’s financial strategy
  • ensuring SAPERE complies with all financial accounting and reporting requirements
  • delivering effective and efficient financial processes and controls
  • safeguarding SAPERE’s assets through continuous risk management.

Sue Sweetland, our Contracts Manager, is responsible for:

  • issuing contracts, including INSET and Going for Gold contracts
  • ensuring that accounting records are accurate and complete
  • preparing and paying supplier invoices and staff payroll
  • monitoring and reconciling SAPERE's bank accounts

Thomasin Silk, our Finance Assistant, is responsible for:

  • assisting with the processing of transactions, including raising sales invoices, recording payments and processing invoices
  • ensuring that our accounting records are accurate and complete
  • handling all general account queries

NB Sue and Thomasin are currently on temporary furlough. Invoices and accounts queries should be sent to accounts@sapere.org.uk in their absence.

Our communications team

Clare Woodcock, our Communications Manager, is responsible for:

  • delivering SAPERE's communications with internal and external audiences, including trainers, members, teachers, schools, and the wider education community
  • developing SAPERE's digital presence, including the website and social media channels
  • handling media enquiries and developing SAPERE's media profile


Amelia Foster, our CEO is responsible for the implementation of SAPERE's strategic plan, reporting to the Board of Trustees and working with staff and trustees. In particular, this involves:

  • strategy development, ensuring that all decisions and actions are in the interests of SAPERE’s beneficiaries
  • organisational oversight and planning, including maintaining a culture that reflects SAPERE’s core values
  • overall financial management of the charity
  • oversight of sales, marketing and public relations
  • fundraising
  • project and staff management