Interested in P4C training?

Our courses

Don't worry if you've never done philosophy before. We know that for many teachers and educators philosophy is an entirely new subject and our course pathway takes that into account.  

Completing Level 1 will enable you to get started with P4C in your classroom. Levels 2A, 2B and 3 are designed to become progressively more philosophically challenging. Training at these levels will deepen your understanding of philosophical enquiry and help you become a skilled facilitator of P4C. If you decide to complete Levels 1, 2A, 2B and 3, it usually takes a minimum of two years. More details about our course progression can be found here.

I want to book myself on a course

Our Open courses are open to all. Places can be booked on the relevant course pages:

My school is interested in P4C. What are our options?

We recommend our whole school INSET training. Alternatively, you might choose to send a smaller number of staff to one of our Open courses, as above. 

We also offer Going for Gold, our flagship programme of whole school P4C training and support. Going for Gold includes Level 1 and Tools for Thinking Together INSETs, Level 2A and 2B training for P4C leads, ongoing coaching and support from your own dedicated trainer, and a pathway through our Bronze, Silver and Gold School Award programme. Going for Gold is suitable for both primary and secondary schools.

We also offer a one-day P4C Tools for Thinking Together course which is designed to reinforce your P4C practice and strengthen the skills learned in the Level 1 P4C Foundation course. Tools for Thinking Together is usually offered as an INSET and is also included in the Going for Gold programme.