The SAPERE P4C Silver Award

The SAPERE P4C Silver Award recognises that P4C is a regular part of teaching and learning within a school. Children in the school will demonstrate familiarity with philosophical concepts and questions while teachers will be  beginning to integrate planning and reviewing P4C across the curriculum. 

The Silver Award assesses progress in the following areas:

Pupils: How well are they doing P4C? 

  • Building a Community of Philosophical Enquiry
  • Questioning
  • Development of philosophical thinking
  • Review and evaluation

Teachers: How well are they developing their P4C skills? 

  • Classroom practice
  • Facilitation skills
  • Planning
  • P4C leadership
  • Review and evaluation

School: How well is P4C supported across the school? 

  • Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team commitment
  • Level of whole school training
  • Involving the whole school
  • Review and evaluation

How to Apply 

We would normally expect a school to have been doing P4C for two full years before being ready to apply for the Silver Award.

Please read our application guidelines before completing the application form. These documents will be available here shortly; until then, please email Jen Simpson to request copies of the application form and application guidelines. Your completed form should then be emailed to . If you are attaching large files, please send via Dropbox.

There is an application fee of £150. Cheques made payable to SAPERE should be sent to SAPERE, Culham Innovation Centre, D5 Culham Science Park, Abingdon, OX14 3DB. Alternatively, to arrange a BACS transfer or credit card payment, please contact us on 01865 408333. 

Please note that if your school is part of our Going for Gold programme, the fee for the school award is included. 

For further information or queries please contact Jen Simpson, Assistant National Training Manager, or on 07591 163318.

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