Our trustees

Daniel Baltzer

Daniel’s background is farming, science journal publishing, children's charities and philosophy. He is interested in complex decision-making on the basis of the most integrated approach. Within philosophy, he is passionate about political philosophy, with an emphasis on philosophically underpinning the establishment of a new and functioning model for western democracy. Critical, creative, caring and collaborative thinking and acting are critical to these challenges and Daniel strives to contribute at least a little bit of each to SAPERE. Currently establishing an exciting new enterprise in Oxford, he has been a trustee of SAPERE since 2014.

Alison Barne

Alison Barne was, until late 2017, a teacher and P4C lead at St Nicholas Primary School in Oxford, a SAPERE Silver Award School. She been a trustee of SAPERE since 2012.

Jeannie Cohen (Secretary)

Jeannie Cohen read classics at the University of Oxford, graduating in 1978. She trained as a teacher and youth worker and spent nine years working in the special needs department of her local comprehensive school, where the question of why some children find learning easy and others do not became so compelling that she became determined to find out the answers.

Rod Cunningham

Rod Cunningham has worked as a mathematics educator for over 30 years, first as a secondary teacher and then as an adviser, during which time he trialled problem-solving and diagnostic approaches in mathematics and science including CAME (Cognitive Acceleration through Maths Education) and First Steps Mathematics. He has been facilitating P4C since 2005, is a registered SAPERE trainer, and is co-author of the chapter on mathematics and P4C in Philosophy for Children Across the Secondary Curriculum (2012). One of his key aims is to promote a model in which Year 7 form teachers train with Year 5 and 6 teachers in their feeder primaries, with the intention that P4C becomes an integral part of the education of all 5- to 18-year-olds in the cluster of schools. He has also utilised a range of facilitation models with community groups working on sustainability issues, such as Abergavenny Transition Town. Rod is particularly keen on developing long-term associations with schools and community groups so that facilitation of P4C is supported and, over time, becomes embedded in the organisation. His website, sustainable-enquiry.com, contains further information.

Jerrina Eteen

Jerrina is a strategy consultant with over 12 years' experience, specialising in pharmaceuticals and healthcare. She previously worked at leading management consultancies before becoming an independent consultant in 2013. Prior to starting her consulting career, she was a certified clinical research coordinator in pulmonary medicine and oncology at academic medical centres in Chicago. Jerrina first became interested in education during university, when she helped students in disadvantaged areas prepare for high school placement exams. She went on to teach English for two years in Japan as part of the JET Programme, teaching at a junior high school and holding community English classes for both children and adults. Jerrina started working with SAPERE in 2014 on a series of pro bono strategy projects, before becoming a trustee in 2016.

Elizabeth Jones (Chair)

Liz Jones read classics and philosophy at King’s College, Cambridge, before switching to law and becoming a barrister. She took silk in 2000, and also qualified as a mediator in 1999. She now combines a busy litigation and mediation practice. Liz has a long term interest in education and how it helps or mars the development of children, and became interested in the idea of education through discussion, which has much in common with both the practice of law and the process of mediation. She has done the first level of training through SAPERE and hopes to find time to do more.

Jack Langley (Treasurer)

Jack is a finance analyst and trainee chartered accountant with experience in charity and corporate finance. He currently works in the financial reporting team at Barclays, where he specialises in producing and reviewing external reports, including year-end accounts. Before becoming treasurer of SAPERE in 2018, he served as treasurer of two small charities, including a community centre in Oxford, and has extensive volunteer experience with the Scouts. It was this experience which sparked his interest in enquiry and dialogue with young people. He has a master’s degree in chemistry from the University of Oxford.

Nikki Perry

Nikki Perry has almost 30 years' experience in both teaching and education consultancy. Starting as a language teacher in challenging secondary schools, she moved to a large local authority where she worked in project management, curriculum development, and the implementation of new government education strategies. She is a past chair of the National Association of Language Advisers and has also been a primary school governor. She also has experience as a child protection trainer and as an education consultant for looked-after children, collaborating with social and mental health services. In her most recent position she was the Football Academy Manager in an independent school, managing the education provision for secondary school-level football players at a Premier League Football Academy, and working closely with the FA. A SAPERE trustee since 2007, Nikki has been an advocate for P4C since she undertook Level 1 training as an education adviser and has run pilot projects on how P4C can be implemented in schools and local authorities.

Catrin Rees

Catrin worked for many years at the BBC and brings extensive experience in journalism, social media and technology to SAPERE.

Kit Thorne

Kit Thorne is an independent education consultant. Until his retirement in 2015, he was Principal Adviser Development at Sheffield City Council, where he was responsible for commissioning, brokering and coordinating CPD provision for all schools and settings in the city, focusing on quality first teaching and excellence in leadership. He has also worked in Oldham and Leicestershire as an adviser, and trained initially as a teacher of French and German, working in North Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Leicestershire schools. In Oldham and Sheffield he was responsible, under the school improvement project banner, for helping schools to engage with P4C. He is a SAPERE registered Level 1 trainer. His website, at kitthorneassociates.co.uk, has more information.